BUKIT CINTA: Bali’s Best Sunrise Viewpoint

BUKIT CINTA: Bali’s Best Sunrise Viewpoint

Bukit Cinta viewpoint is hands down one of the best sunrise viewpoints around Bali and a perfect location to witness the powerful Mount Agung. If there’s one sunrise mission you should plan during your trip to Bali, this is it!

Although Bali is mainly known to tourists for its temples, beaches and waterfalls — it is also home to two powerful volcanoes. Mount Batur and Mount Agung tower above Bali and are visible on a clear day from as far as Ubud or neighboring Lombok.

You may remember Mount Agung from its series of eruptions in 2017, causing the airport to close and disruptions all over the island.

Located in East Bali, there are many locations from where you can get a clear view of the volcano, but none of them compare to Bukit Cinta at sunrise!

Here is everything you need to know about visiting this incredible location in Bali.

Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Bali
Bukit Cinta Viewpoint at sunrise
Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Bali
The beautiful Bukit Cinta Viewpoint

How to Get to Bukit Cinta Viewpoint

Bukit Cinta viewpoint is located just North of a small local village called Amlapura, in East Bali. Like any attraction in Bali there are two main ways to get there — by driving your own scooter or by private car.

  • Ubud to Bukit Cinta : 1h45 drive / 62 kilometers
  • Canggu to Bukit Cinta : 2h drive / 78 kilometers
  • Kuta to Bukit Cinta : 2h drive / 78 kilometers

The road to Bukit Cinta, although long, is quite straightforward, well paved and safe. It took us just under two hours to drive from Canggu.

How to get to Bukit Cinta Viewpoint by Scooter

Taking a scooter is the best way to get to Bukit Cinta. We are definitely fans of the DIY option and driving a scooter in Bali is always fun! It’s also the cheapest, most convenient and most flexible way to move around Bali.

You can find a scooter for as little as 50,000 Rupiah (3.50$ USD) per day. A full tank of petrol will cost you between 30,000 - 40,000 Rupiah for a standard scooter in Bali.

We recommend using J & D motorbike rental in Canggu.

A license will most likely not be demanded to rent a scooter in Bali but you should have an international drivers license with you. Always make sure you have proper travel insurance that covers scooter accidents before renting one.

For all you first-timers, we know that renting a scooter can be stressful! To simplify the whole process, we put together a complete and comprehensive guide to renting a scooter in Bali!

Scooter near the Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Bali
Our trusty scooter parked at Bukit Cinta

How to get to Bukit Cinta Viewpoint by Car

If renting a scooter in a foreign country seems a bit much for you, don’t worry! You can easily hire a driver to take you to Bukit Cinta with a private car. The typical cost of a driver is between 600,000 - 700,000 Rupiah and is typically for 8 hours including petrol.

Your accommodation should be able to refer you to a reputable driver. The driver will pick you up directly at your accommodation at whatever time you’d like and take you wherever you want to go! Hiring a driver in Bali is a great option for those traveling with kids or small groups.

What to Expect at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint

Bukit Cinta isn’t exactly a full-blown tourist attraction just yet. It is basically just a small path on the side of a road leading to one of the best views in Bali. Make your way a few meters down the path and gaze at the amazing view of Mount Agung, with beautiful green rice paddies in the foreground.

This is one of those locations that you need to get up early for. The experience will vary depending on if you get to see Mount Agung peek through the clouds or not. If you’re willing to make the journey there though, try to put all chances on your side! It is a known fact that there is a better chance of getting a clear view of the volcano at sunrise. Even during the rainy season, we got a few breaks in the clouds and were faced with a spectacular view.

If the weather around Mount Agung isn’t great, be patient! We were about to leave because we thought there wasn’t a chance of the view clearing again but caught another amazing sight of the volcano right as we were packing our bags.

View of Mount Agung from Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Bali

You can make your way down a few little pathways through the tall grass, to get an unobstructed view. Do keep in mind that this tall grass is extremely sharp and can inflict tiny cuts on your bare legs - speaking from experience here!

Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Entrance Fee

The entrance fee at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint is free (for now!)

Bukit Cinta Viewpoint is not a popular tourist attraction — for now. This beautiful viewpoint is still free at the time of writing, but this may change in the upcoming years. The Balinese are business savvy and where there are tourists, there’s a way to make a profit!

Opening Hours and When to Visit

Once again, it’s just nature so there aren’t any opening hours. However, we do 100% recommend visiting at sunrise. Arriving 15 minutes prior to sunrise will allow you to find the correct place and set up your camera to get some amazing pictures!

The sun rises fast here so make sure you’re prepared when it does!

Girl at the Bukit Cinta Viewpoint Bali
Couple posing at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint of mount agung

Visiting at sunrise also makes for better lighting and a less crowded site. Although the wake-up call is never easy, you’ll always appreciate the location more at this time of day.

Another time that would be amazing to visit in theory is sunset. The sun sets right behind Mount Agung, painting the sky in hues of orange and red. However, do note that cloud coverage tends to be higher after sunrise so the chances of being able to see Mount Agung are much slimmer.

We arrived twenty minutes before sunrise and there were already two local teens at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint, camera in hand and ready to capture the beauty of the area. However, it was still a very quiet and relaxing experience!

The Best Photography Spots at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint

Because Bukit Cinta Viewpoint is not very big, there are only a few photography spots, but all guarantee great photos! Our favorite angles are the ones that show off the incredible scale of Mount Agung with the tall grass in the foreground.

These are the best photo spots at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint :

  • Walk down the path for a few meters into the tall grass
  • From the road, through the palm trees
  • Drone photos are always epic in Bali. Something about the gorgeous rice paddies and the Mount Agung towering in the background is unbeatable!
There are paths in the grass at Bukit Cinta which you can use to climb down the hill

Check out all the camera gear we use on our travels below!

What to pack for Bukit Cinta Viewpoint?

  • There aren’t any shops or restaurants around so make sure to bring your own reusable water bottle
  • The sun gets mighty intense in Bali, so don’t forget your sunscreen!
  • A solid dry-bag is great if you’re bringing your electronics with you in case you get rained on during your journey back
  • A sturdy rain jacket is essential for anyone traveling on a scooter!

What to do After Visiting Bukit Cinta Viewpoint

Check out Pura Lempuyang Temple

One of the oldest and most famed temples in Bali, Pura Lempuyang Luhur is also known as the gateway to heaven! Recognized for its gates that seem to open up onto Mount Agung, on a clear day the view is simply breathtaking.

Located just a twenty-minute drive from Bukit Cinta Viewpoint, Pura Lempuyang is definitely worth a visit. Do expect to find a crowd of tourists lined up to get “the perfect shot”.

The entrance fee is donation based, typically 30,000 - 50,000 IDR per person, and 10,000 IDR for a sarong rental (mandatory).

pura lempuyang temple in bali indonesia
The famous Pura Lempuyang is only 20 minutes away from Bukit Cinta!

Grab Brunch in Bali’s Best Cafes

If you’ve listened to our advice and have visited Bukit Cinta viewpoint for sunrise, you’ll most likely be very hungry by the time your adventure is up! We always grab a big breakfast at one of our favorite spots after any sunrise mission.

If you’re headed to Ubud, check out Suka Espresso Ubud!
Headed back to Canggu? check out Copenhagen or Crate Cafe!

breakfast at suka espresso ubud
After visiting Bukit Cinta, go grab the best brekky at Suka Espresso!

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Hotels Near Bukit Cinta

We’ve always chosen to come to Bukit Cinta as a day trip from Canggu. If you come here in the late afternoon or want to check out other attractions in East Bali, you may want to stay the night in Sidemen, Amed or Candidasa. Here are some of the best hotels to do just that:

candi beach villas bali luxury accommodation near bukit cinta

Luxury Option

Candi Beach Resort: A beautiful seaside resort in peaceful Candiasa. The infinity pool has sweeping views of the ocean and the resort is set on one of the best beaches in the area.

bayu cottages in amed bali

Midrange Option

Bayu Cottages Amed: Located in the coastal town of Amed which is famed for its diving schools and black sand beaches.

d'uma amed homestay in bali

Budget Option

D’uma Amed Homestay: Hard to wrap your head around the view you can get for only 20$ a night. Wake up with Mount Agung right on your doorstep.

Bukit cinta viewpoint cover image
best viewpoint in bali indonesia bukit cinta

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