The Belimbing rice terraces are a beautiful location in Bali which still very few people know about. We found this incredible location coming back from north Bali a few weeks back and decided we needed to return for a proper sunrise visit.

To us the landscapes around the Belimbing rice terraces perfectly represents the best of Bali. Rolling green terraces sprinkled with palm trees with a volcano looming in the background. If you’re looking for an experience of the natural beauty of Bali in a place that’s still unknown to mass tourism, Belimbing is the place to go!

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How to get to the Belimbing Rice Fields

Belimbing is located just over an hour North West of the main hubs of Canggu and Seminyak. Like most destinations in Bali, especially those of the beaten path, a scooter will be the best way to go. You can easily rent a scooter in Bali for about 5$ per day.

We’d recommend requesting one with at least 125cc to get here to get up the hills without any trouble! The drive through the Tabanan region of Bali is stunningly beautiful. They’ve also recently repaved the road leading to these rice fields so it was smooth sailing for us.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at Belimbing when you reach Warung Made which is a local restaurant. You can leave your scooter in their parking lot and as of late 2019 they don’t charge any fee.

scootering around

You can also hire a private driver to bring you to Belimbing if scooters aren’t your thing! Most guesthouses and hotels around Bali will easily arrange this service for you. A private driver for the day typically costs around 700,000 Rupiah or 50$ USD.

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Belimbing rice terraces travel guide

Exploring the Belimbing Rice Fields

You can access the rice fields right through the back of the Warung Made. It was closed when we arrived so we found a small path next to the parking lot which led us to where we wanted to go. There’s a path which extends across around the top of the rice terraces that starts at the Warung.

belimbing rice field travel guide bali
Our favorite mornings in Bali are ones like these
couple portrait in bali belimbing rice terraces
Couldn’t get enough of this view

There are beautiful vantage points all around the rice fields which we took full advantage of. We even found a second little local spot across the road with a great view of the volcano.

We spent a little under two hours walking around and getting photos while the sun was rising. The layout of the terraces is beautiful and unlike anything we’ve every seen in Bali. Try and arrive as early as you can to avoid the heat. The fields also look their best in the golden morning light.

While we were at the Belimbing rice terraces we didn’t see a single other tourist. Just a few locals working in the rice fields who smiled at us as we crossed paths.

These are our favourite types of mornings in Bali. It makes you realize just how many incredible places that are still untouched around the island and gives you an even greater urge to explore.

walking through the Belimbing rice fields
Strolling around the Belimbing rice terraces

Belimbing rice terraces volcano view point
The beautiful backdrop from the edge of Belimbing

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Although Warung Made is the access point to the rice fields we would recommend Warung Tepi Sawah as the best lunch spot in the area. Don’t expect the variety of food you’ll find in the touristy areas, but a Nasi Goreng for lunch with a view like this is more ok by us.

What to do around Belimbing Rice Fields

If you’re looking for other things to do after your visit to the Belimbing rice fields, here’s a few ideas!

  • Visit one of the many beautiful black sand beaches north of Canggu. Two we highly recommend are Pig Stone beach and Pasut beach.
  • Continue your drive to North Bali to stay at the incredible Sumberkima Hills
  • Drive north to Munduk and stay at the amazing Ekommunity Bali
  • Explore the fields across from Belimbing. The place isn’t even on google maps as clearly nobody comes here except the farmers who work the fields. We discovered this spot looking for a nice vantage point of the Volcano. Look around Warung Peganggan, there’s great views all along this road!
pasut beach bali black sand beach

Thanks for reading our travel guide to the Belimbing rice fields! For more information on this place don’t hesitate to send us a message through Instagram 🙂

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