First off, a huge thank you for supporting us by being here checking out our site. We’re Sam and Yass, two twenty-something creatives from Montreal that have decided to leave our suburban lives to go out and explore what the world has to offer.

We have a passion for exploring new places, creating beautiful visuals, discovering new cultures, eating delicious street food and above all, having the freedom to roam. We took on this journey with a dream of someday soon being completely location independent and wanted to document it all for you, but also for us.

This is the place where we will share everything from our travels including our tips & tricks for staying on a budget, the best food, coffee, accommodation and places to explore. All of this accompanied by some of our favorite photos we take along the way

Want to know more? Check out our most FAQ here!

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Since I started travelling as a teenager, I’ve had a hard time staying put. From spending 3 months falling in love with the beauty of the Galapagos Islands during my gap year to having fika everyday while studying abroad in Sweden, I have come to yearn the feeling of being awestruck.

You’ll usually find me sipping lattes in cute coffee shops, trying new foods or hiking in the mountains. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2016, I worked for about a year in a big communications company in Montreal, but I’ve always known that working in an office from 9 to 5 in a huge corporation wasn’t my dream. I take care of most of the writing and web formatting for mapping along!

Mapping along sam profile about us


My life changed quite a bit when I bought my first camera in the summer of 2015. Although I haven’t always thought I would be one to travel long-term, my growing passion for capturing beautiful images has fueled a constant desire to go out and explore the world in the past few years.

Once I finished my bachelors in mechanical engineering, I already knew my next big challenge would be to find a way to not be stuck behind a desk, so the jump to pack my bag and buy a one way ticket was a no-brainer. You’ll often find me behind the lens of my camera, diving into any body of water I can find or catching sunrise in the mountains. I’m the one behind most of the photos and social media posts you’ll be seeing.

Our Gear

We get asked quite frequently what sort of gear we use to take our photos, so here’s the full list. PLEASE REMEMBER that gear isn’t the key to taking better photos. 

A lot of practice, hard work and some creativity always go further than anything money can buy. The list below contains amazon affiliate links, on which we’ll make a small commission if you end up purchasing a product, at no extra cost to you. You’ll pay the same amount as if you visited Amazon directly and you’ll be helping us keep creating free content and keeping this blog online!

We use a 13” Macbook Pro (2015 version) to write, organize and edit our content. Some folks find the 13” a bit small for editing, but when you’re traveling a lot, the weight savings are definitely worth it in our opinion.

We edit all our photos with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

Sam shoots on a Sony A7iii. It’s a great compact mirrorless body, shoots 4K video and with the release of the A6700 it’s now super affordable right now!

Yass shoots on a Nikon D5600. Really light for a DSLR as it’s a cropped sensor model, great for travelling.

Our lenses: Nikon 35mm DX F1.8

Our drone: DJI Mavic Pro (worth every penny)

Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Action. It’s what we use for all our couple shots not shot with the drone. Great entry level tripod and the quick release mechanism is very handy.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been travelling and are you travelling full-time?

We have been travelling since September 1st 2017. We both quit our desk jobs just before leaving, with the goal of being on the road full-time for as long as possible. We travelled six months non stop through South East Asia before coming to Australia to work in Melbourne on Working Holiday Visas for a few months before heading back on the road. 

  • What were you doing before you started travelling?

Sam graduated Mechanical Engineering in May 2017 and had been working in the Aerospace sector since 2014. Yass graduated with a bachelor’s in Marketing in 2016 and worked for a large telecommunications company in Montreal. 

  • How are you able to travel so much?

We both worked corporate jobs for about two years during and after university, Sam in engineering and Yass in marketing. We cut our expenses as much as we could and worked as much as possible while we were still in school. 

We used that to fund our first travels and after we ran out of money from travelling full-time, we moved to Melbourne on a WHV to build our fund back up!

After that, we knew we wanted to share our love for travel and have that be our full-time income which is why we moved to Bali (our favorite place in the world) and launched Mapping Expeditions

Other than that we still continue to do paid photography work and online marketing for companies back home in Canada! 

  • Which countries have you visited on this trip?

Since starting our blog, we have visited much of South-East Asia, Australia, Mexico, Peru and more!

Visit our destinations page to see them all!